'Captain America' actors to filming in Cincinnati

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Two actors with links to Marvel's "Captain America" film franchise are making a stop in Cincinnati to film a new Netflix original movie "Point Blank."

The executive director of Film Cincinnati says Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie are scheduled to start filming in the city Monday.

Grillo played the villain Crossbones and Mackie played Falcon in the 2014 film "Captain America: The Winter Soldier."

Anthony Mackie                         Frank Grillo



"Point Blank" is a remake of a French film. It centers on an emergency room nurse and a criminal who work together to save the criminal's pregnant wife.

New York-native Joe Lynch will direct the film, and Grillo is also a producer. Crews are expected to be in Cincinnati working on the film for six weeks.


Here Is the Trailer Of The Original "Point Blank" Movie